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Crankshaft Culture is all about vehicles, adventures, and culture. We love to explore the diverse landscape of the automotive world. It’s what we do; it’s our passion.

We love to travel and see the world, and we get out as much as we can in our project Jeep Cherokee (XJ), aka The PDXJ, aka Cranky. But we also love to drive our 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback in the corners (or anywhere else). We’re into adventure vehicles; vehicles that help you get the most out of life and take you to amazing places to see incredible things.

We don’t like to be pigeonholed by one make, one genre. We’re gearheads, and there’s an entire world of automotive culture out there. Why not explore it? We’re part of the Crankshaft Cult. Are you?

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