Toyota RAV4 vs Suzuki Escudo vs Mitsubishi Delica is the Best Race Ever

JDM SUV race

It is without a single doubt in my mind, this race between a first-gen two-door Toyota RAV4, a two-door hardtop Suzuki Escudo, and a long-wheelbase Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear is the best thing on Youtube. This may be racing at its finest. OK, well, maybe not its finest, but its most awesome.

Having owned Suzuki Sidekick (same as an Escudo), having driven the 1996–1998 two-door RAV4, and currently owning a Delica (albeit, an earlier L300), this race must have been awfully slow. Regardless, it’s ridiculously entertaining as much as it is just plain ridiculous. I love this video more than I can possibly express. The world needs more of this.

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