Top Truck Challenge 2019, 1:10 RC Edition

Top Truck Challenge 2019 1:10 veresion

RC cars are a rabbit hole of wallet-emptying enjoyment. The hobby mimics 1:1 vehicle culture on a smaller scale, even down to the events. The Washington Remote Control Rock Crawlers, mostly known as WARCRC, holds a Top Truck Challenge for scale RC vehicles and last Saturday was the group’s annual event. As the event name suggests, it’s a 1:10 scale homage to Four Wheeler Magazine’s Top Truck Challenge that started in 1993 and last held in 2015.

As with Four Wheeler Magazine’s competition, trucks are submitted by contestants and voted in by WARCRC members. There are some strict requirements for a truck to be legal for the event, however. The event follows rules set by the Scale Off Road Radio Control Association, also known as SORRCA, which meant every truck had to have at least 40 or more scale points. A vehicle receives a certain amount of points depending on the body type (more points for a hard body versus lexan), accessories (mirrors, cooler, door handles, etc … ), and many other features.

RC vehicles lined up for the 1:10 Top Truck Challenge.

There are only 10 spots for competitors and it’s a one-day event graciously organized by @JustinArt24 and hosted at the Remote Control Hobbies in Covington, WA, which has an outstanding short course and rock crawling track behind the store.

The scale Top Truck Challenge consists of six individual courses—a frame twister, obstacle course, mini Rubicon, sled pull, mud pit and tank trap. Each course has its own challenges that push the tiny trucks to different limits. It’s tough to build a vehicle that can excel at every challenge, so there was no vehicle that finished first in every challenge. If you get stuck or flip your truck over, you can only rely on a winch for assistance.

I attended as the event photographer and took a ton of shots. Without further ado, here were the challengers and the trucks entered.

Jordy F.

  • Custom built Tundra truggy
  • VP Currie axles
  • 2.2 Mayhem Wheels
  • 2.2 Proline Super Swampers
  • Holmes Hobby 3300 KV motor brushless
  • Mamba Max Pro ESC
  • Savox 1230 mg servo
  • Vanquish link kit
  • Gmade shocks
  • A few scale items
  • Custom 3D interior
  • Homemade Servo winch
Jordy F. Custom Tundra truggy

Freddie C.

  • Tamiya Tundra hard body set
  • Custom exo cage
  • Custom chassis/ tuber chassis
  • Mounted bed sides with drop bed
  • 2.2 Proline Super swampers
  • 2.2 Trailready Mayhem Bead lock wheels
  • AR60 axles fitted with beeftubes
  • Vanquish Wraith scale knuckles and chubs with
  • Vanquish rear lockouts
  • Vanquish AR60 diff lockers
  • Hardened over/ under drive diff gears
  • Axial universals and axial tear shafts
  • Axial wraith skid
  • Bombproof transmission
  • Tekin Pro4 3800kv with a Mamba max pro and
  • Castle Creations BEC
  • Holmes Hobby BLS servo with Vanquish servo horn
  • Traxxas big bore shocks with Losi mini T springs fitted with beef tips
  • Axial Wraith Spawn interior
  • Vanquish titanium Wraith links fitted with Traxxas rod ends to match the stretched wheelbase
  • MIP drivelines
  • KNK stainless hardware
Freddy C. Tundra RC crawler

Ed C.

  • UCFab truck with Yota body
  • Holmes Hobby BRXL ESC with 3300 kv motor.
  • Ottsix Tko V1 axles with front axial OD gears and HD gears in the rear
  • HH lockers front and Rear.
  • XR Mod wide with Vanquish Wraith c-hubs, knuckles and vp rear lockouts with Axial Wraith universals cut to fit the axles.
  • Savox 1230 steering servo.
  • RC4x4performance links’s
  • Supershafty Prang 2.2 wheels
  • Ottsix Voodoo 2.2 klr with CI dual stage foams.
  • MIP driveshafts
  • Proline Slash front shocks
  • Heyok servo winch
Ed C. Yota bodied  RC crawler


Luke C.

  • Toyzuki v1 chassis with v2.5 transfercase
  • Toyota Hilux body
  • Tekin FXR ESC
  • Holmes Hobby 21T motor
  • Savox 1230 servo
Luke C. Toyzuki RC crawler

Daniel A.

  • Military 6×6 truck
  • 6×6 multi axle
  • Proline TSL Swampers, 2.2″ wheels
  • AR60 Axles with extended scx10 frame rails
  • SCX10 skid, transmission, shock tower, front and rear bumper
  • Semi truck style cab with full bed, plenty of scale accessories, all custom made.
  • Mamba Monster X brushless combo
  • Engine sound system
  • Rig Name: Perro Muerto
Military 6x6 RC crawler

Shane S.

  • Custom from the frame up 6×6 CXT
  • 1” flat steel chassis rails with SMW waterjet cut subframe, shock hoops and skidplate.
  • Cut down NewBright CXT cab
  • Rear 5 link walking beam and 4 linked front
  • Wraith axle up front with Vanquish parts
  • 3d printed XR width SCX centered BowHouse housings with axial internals
  • Rear steer with Hitec 7955 servo
  • SCX transmission
  • Custom welded MIP drivelines
  • Big bore shocks
  • Tekin Racing 1200kv brushless on 4s
  • Holmes Hobbies SHV500v2 servo and BR-XL ESC
  • 3D printed wheels/hubs
  • Crawler Innovations DW Foams inside RC4WD Baja Claws
Custom 6x6 CXT RC crawler

Hans E.

  • Axial Wraith
  • Holmes hobbies 3300Kv running 4S with an Mamba Monster Pro ESC and dual BEC’s
  • Dlux transmission, trusses, axle shafts and knuckles all around, 4-wheel steering
  • Vanquish axle housings, C-hubs, link kit, steering horns
  • Bluebird steering servos front and rear 800+ oz
  • Pitbull Rock Beast tires on LockedUp RC wheels with hubs and brakes
  • BGR sliders
  • Savox 1257 Ti servo winch with custom made land anchor
Hand E. Axial Wraith RC crawler

Glen T.

  • Axial SCX10 II
  • ProLine ’66 C10 body with Honcho bed
  • SSD front and rear axles
  • Holmes Hobby 21T Trail Master motor
  • Metal transfercase gears
  • SSD 1.9 wheels
  • 4.75” Goodyear MTRs
Bryan S. Axial SCX10 II with '66 Chevrolet C10 body and Honcho bed

Bryan S.

  • Toyzuki v2 chassis with 2.5 Delrin transfer case
  • Axial SCX axles, XR modded
  • Pitbull 1.9 XOR tires on DCW Delrin wheels
  • Castle Creations Slate 2280kv motor with micro ESC
  • Protec 370BL servo
  • MIP drivelines
Bryan S. Toyzuki RC crawler

And the winner was Daniel A. with his 6×6 military truck.

Military 6x6 RC car tractor pull

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