Our Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Build on Pickup Truck + SUV Talk

Coastal Offroad Delica Rear Bumper

By now you may know we have a 1994 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear (L400) 4×4 van in our stable. And of course by “stable” I mean our driveway of ’90s JDM 4WD Mitsubishi money pits projects. What you might not know is we’re again partnering with Tim Esterdahl of Pickup Truck + SUV Talk to chronicle the build. In the first Delica Space Gear video, we talked about what this van is. We discussed how we got it and the differences between it and our older Delica Star Wagon (L300).

In this newest video, we go into detail about the first round of modifications. This includes bumpers from British Columbia’s Coastal Offroad. Specifically, their series-one L400 front winch bumper, and their rear bumper with swing-away tire carrier and jerry can holder. Both of these are weld-together kits we had fabricated by Wanderlust Overland in Oregon City, OR. We also touch on our Australian-made Lightforce Venom driving lights and ROK40 floodlights, plus the WARN ZEON 8-S winch. But rather than outline it all in text, we’ll let the video do the talking.

Stay tuned: we have more videos coming with more scintillating Delica info! Oh, by the way, we now call our Space Gear the TBD Tractor. TBD means To Be Determined, which is a theme with this van. It also stands for Travel By Delica, which is one thing we intend to do with this van.

One last thing: if you missed it, we partnered with Tim to chronicle our build of our ’91 Mitsubishi Pajero we took on the 2020 Alcan 5000 winter rally. Who would’ve thought driving a JDM, right-hand-drive, turbodiesel Mitsubishi Pajero to the Arctic Ocean in March of 2020 would have been the last “normal” thing we did before COVID-19?


  1. The video is like watching Charly Chaplin,fast-fast….
    Very interesting,good job.
    Ready for the next adventure.

  2. Since you have a stable, i was wondering if you are trying to add another L300 to your collection……. Im trying to sell mine.

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