Avants Weird and Wacky Car Show Was Also Wildly Wonderful

Fiat Panda at Weird and Wacky Car Show

You know that “Keep Portland Weird” saying? It pertains to cars too. The Avants car club hosted the inaugural Weird and Wacky Car Show on Saturday, January 27 at IPD in Portland. To no one’s surprise, the show lived up to its name and did not disappoint.

From Peugeots and Citroëns to Fiat Pandas (yes, plural), four Isuzu Vehicrosses, kei cars, some unique classics, and even an old Ford Super Duty dump truck, this event brought out some unique vehicles. Talk about a show made for us! We knew scads of people there (shocking) and I’m pretty sure everyone knew each other by just a couple of degrees of separation. Hey, us weird car people have to stick together. Here’s a walkthrough video of the event we made.

Whether your schtick was JDM vehicles, oddly accessorized rigs, or just something totally rare, the Weird and Wacky Car Show was simply a ton of fun. Some vehicles maintained their purist stock form, while others … well, they were all sorts of crazy, like the mild bosozoku-style Supra with the BMW logos grafted on. If you’re wanting weird, this was the place to be.

Weird And Wacky Car Show Gallery

Here are some photos of many of the vehicles. We even brought our Delica.

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