2022 Tokyo Auto Salon Walk Around

The Tokyo Auto Salon is one of the premier vehicle customizations shows in the world. It also has a reputation for featuring some wild custom builds, many of which with a distinctly Japanese flair. The event happens every year, and damn it, someday I’ll get there. I’ve followed TAS for as long as I can remember. I mean, this event is right up Crankshaft Culture’s alley: Crazy-customized JDM 4WDs and vans? My heart be still.

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Volkswagen Entering the All-Electric ID.4 AWD Into the Rebelle Rally. Our Own Mercedes Lilienthal is the Driver.

Volkswagen ID.4 AWD to compete in 2021 Rebelle Rally

It’s official: Our own Mercedes Lilienthal will be the driver for the AWD Volkswagen ID.4 in the 2021 Rebelle Rally! She, along with her navigator, Emily Winslow, will be representing the German automaker in the all-electric SUV during the event, which runs from October 7–16. Volkswagen officially dropped their press release today. Here it is:

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My Latest Project: A Saab Story

Saabs have always caught my attention, from the movie and TV appearances of the iconic ’80s 900s, the 96’s rally pedigree, to the gorgeous and weird Sonett with its V4 engine, the brand has made some beautiful and interesting cars with a very distinctive look and feel. However, despite spending countless hours scouring the Internet…

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