Opinion: ’80s and ’90s Style Is In, But What’s Ugly Then Is Still Ugly Now

Mitsubishi L400 Delica action

Style and trends are a funny thing. There’s always this desire for retro, whether we’re talking clothes, music, or automotive styling. Currently, ’80s and ’90s style is in, and the nostalgia can hit hard. Heck, we own three 1990s Mitsubishis. But some people are making caricatures of these retro rides, going way overboard—even more overboard…

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Embrace Automotive Variety

There's an entire automotive world out there.

Ford guys. Chevy guys. Truck guys. Lowrider guys. Drifters. Overlanders. Hot rodders. Jeepers. Big trucks. Micro cars. Many of these are opposites on the automotive spectrum, but they all share a commonalty: an automotive passion. Whether lifted or lowered, on dubs or on 37s, supercars or subcompacts, as automotive enthusiasts, we all share the same core passion, just…

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