The Struggle is Wheel: Why it’s so Hard to Choose Wheels

Jeep Cherokee and Dinoot Trailer

Admittedly, I’m particular about my wheel choices for our vehicles. And while I generally enjoy the process of finding a cool set of wheels, it’s almost agonizing trying to find a set that I don’t hate. The struggle is wheel … er real.

Busy wheel
Fake bolts. Busy design. Multiple finishes. This is NOT what I’m looking for!

I know it’s me (first step is admitting it, right?). But I just can’t bring myself  to buy truck/Jeep wheels with fake bolts, imitation beadlocks, or phony rivets.  I also loathe wheels that are gaudy and busy looking. Wheels that are black and silver with lines and holes everywhere; bolts and rivets protruding from every direction. Pretty much the wheels above. No disrespect if you like them; it’s just not my taste.

The Subcompact Culture Suzuki Sidekick -- AKA -- the Teal Terror
Photo by Mercedes Lilienthal

To make matters worse (maybe I need an intervention?), I am not generally a fan of black wheels on black cars in many instances. I don’t mind black wheels on vehicles in other colors. Hell, our Suzuki above is teal with black wheels, and I love it—simple and utilitarian. However, black wheels on black vehicles is too monochromatic for my taste.

One last thing—I’m looking for custom wheels, not OE rollers. Yes, OE wheels are nice, sturdy, and can be cheap used. They’re just not for me.

With that being said, I’m pretty much screwed.

Honestly, I have found a few sets of wheels that I like. They’re more classic-style Jeep wheels, but in a gunmetal color vs. black. And I’ll probably end up going with these, but man—it’s slim pickings out there these days, especially since newer Jeeps, especially Wrangler JK, all have 17-inch wheels. This means lower demand for 15s or 16s.

I’m looking forward to this gaudy wheel trend going away. Until then, I’ll continue to hunt for a simple wheel.


  1. So many wheels today are gaudy, complex, and, well, delicate looking.

    I don’t care for spiderwebs, honeycombs, skinny spokes, rivets, bolts, sharp edges, complexity.

    I want simple, sturdy looking, smooth, rounded wheels. Five or 6 spokes is enough, don’t need ten or a dozen.

    I used to be able to find many different designs that fit my plain, simple criteria, these days it’s filigree and lace with 100 rivets or nothing.

    I want my old wheels back.

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