Coastal Offroad Delica Space Gear Bumpers: Installed and In Action

We have the Coastal Offroad high-clearance front and rear bumpers (with skid plate and swing-away tire/jerry can carrier) finalized! We thought we’d do a walk-around video showing the Coastal Offroad Delica bumpers’ advantages for off-road driving, camping, and carrying extra gear.

Wanderlust Overland was instrumental in getting these Coastal Offroad Delica bumpers fabricated up and ready for powder coating. Precision Powder Coating sandblasted them and gave them a solid coating of primer and flat black powder coating. Wanderlust did the final install including wiring up the Lightforce lights and the WARN winch, fairlead, and hook.

Wanderlust fit and welded together dozens of heavy-duty 3/16″ laser-cut steel pieces to make the build come to life. Coastal Offroad, based in Delta, British Columbia Canada sells weld-together bumper kits for a variety of auto manufacturers, including Mitsubishi. Their front bumper kits offer features like recovery points and an integrated winch mount. Plus there are allowances for fog lights and a bull bar to protect the front of your adventure rig. We took advantage of all these options.

The rear bumper allows for various options, too. This includes a single jerry can holder and swing-away tire carrier atop their bumper (which we decided upon). We also opted for a two-inch receiver.

Ready For Action

We fit up the rear with our BFG all-terrain spare tire, a set of handy MAXTRAX, and wired up an LED light and license plate holder for our rear (not included in the kit). Andy and I also carry our Wavian water canister in the rear-mounted jerry can holder instead of diesel fuel—we replaced our OE fuel tank with a 125L replacement fuel tank from Long Range Automotive, brought in by US distributors Long Range America. Additionally, we sourced a set of rear red reflectors, in case we needed extra lighting back there. However, we opted not to weld on the supplied Hi-Lift jack mounts, but rely on a Safe Jack bottle jack instead.

We’re excited our Coastal Offroad Delica bumpers are complete and can’t wait until we can hit the road again. It’s been too long since we’ve tackled the tarmac or dove into the dirt … we’re patiently waiting until COVID-19 subsides before we continue adventuring.

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