Photos from Boxerfest 2023: York, PA

Super-clean two-door Subaru Impreza.

Boxerfest is one of the premier Subiefest events. There were hundreds of Subarus and thousands of Subaru enthusiasts in historic York, PA for this show. This year’s event happened in August 2023 and had an excellent layout to showcase both vendors and show cars. Heck, even the parking area at Boxerfest was impressive.

Boxerfest 2023: York Fairgrounds

The York Fairgrounds were host to our third Subiefest of 2023, Boxerfest. Sadly, we missed Subiefest California due to a conflicting event. But Boxerfest had an excellent layout to showcase the cars in the center with vendors around the perimeter. Thus far, this was our favorite Subiefest layout.

We met a host of great people and saw some super-clean Subarus. There were a surprising amount of 1990s-era Subies here. From a litany of Legacy wagons to slammed SVXs, there seemed to be an inordinate amount of ’90s Subarus—not that I’m complaining. There were some super clean builds here, including a number of H6-swapped cars as seen below. Of particular note is the super well-done black Impreza 2.5RS with the H6. Simply beautiful.

Everyone was very friendly, curious about our Alcan 5000 Outback Wilderness, and we had a great time in beautiful Pennsylvannia. (We even had time to go see some of the sites, such as Deleware’s Dogfish Head Brewery!) Additionally, we got a peak inside Subaru’s private collection after the show—what an honor! Anyway, let’s see some Subarus!

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