Matching Wheels and Tires for our Trailer

LIfted Dinoot

Our Dinoot J-Series trailer just got new rolling stock. I mean, I just got done with putting them on. Previously, we had 235/75/15 (29″) Kumho mud terrain tires that matched our Suzuki Sidekick. However, since this is now going to be towed behind Cranky the Cherokee, it needed matching shoes.

Dinoot Trailer on 31x10.50 Yokohama Mud Terrains

I should start out by saying that Mercedes (my wife and the other half of Crankshaft Culture) is a measuring goddess. If there was an Olympic sport for accurately measuring things, she’d bring home the gold every time. Thanks to her accurate measurements on the hub spacing, bore, and so on, I was assured the new combination would work, and it does.

First up were a set of 1.5″ spacers via Nitro Gear and Axle. We bolted these up to allow the tires plenty of clearance so they didn’t rub up against the leaf springs.

Yokohama Geolandar MT+

Next, we bolted up the 15×8 Mamba MR1X wheels and 31×10.50 Yokohama Geolandar MT+ tires. They look great, and will not only eliminate the need to carry a dedicated spare tire for the trailer, but also add another couple of inches of ground clearance if the trail gets rough.

Next stop—ADVENTURE! Ok, actually, the next stop is going to get a new ball mount for our hitch. But then—ADVENTURE! Well, then a shakedown run, but then adventure. Well, all in due time. Rome—and projects vehicles—weren’t built in a day, you know.

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