Wonder Wagon: Saul Sanchez’s Lifted Subaru Outback

Saul Saunchez' Lifted Subaru Outback - CRANKSHAFT CULTURE

I’ve seen lifted Subarus before, but nothing quite like this. And while jacked-up, dirt-covered Subarus thumb their Pleiades-badged noses at traditional 4WD vehicles, this lifted Subaru Outback is more like a throat punch.

Slammed Subaru Outback Wagon - CRANKSHAFT CULTURE

The owner is Saul Sanchez, of Houston, TX. Saul has another Subaru Outback—a 2005 that’s slammed to the ground on airbags, as seen above. It’s essentially the polar opposite of his lifted Outback. He made his ’05 so low because he liked the look. He says it never drew any negative attention, but every time someone would share photos of it, the car would receive negative comments such as, “Subarus were made to go off road,” and that he had ruined the wagon.

A while later, he started noticing lifted Subarus, and decided to do something completely opposite of his “ruined” ’05 wagon.

He purchased a silver Outback and had big plans: Big tires. Big lift.

“I emailed a few companies that specialize in Subaru lift kits, but the only person that was willing to build the 6” lift was Patrick from Anderson Design and Fabrication,” says Saul.  “I waited a few months for him to build the kit, since he was designing kits for other Subaru platforms as well.”

Lifted Subaru flexing - CRANKSHAFT CULTURE

In the meantime Saul started looking for wheels and tires.

While he’d always been a fan of Super Swamper tires and their aggressive appearance, he knew they’d be pricey. But in the end, he decided it would be the only tire to complete the look he was wanted.

Three months went by and the lift came in. He began bolting everything together with the help of his brother. He had to extend many components to accommodate the lift, since no Outback was designed to go up 6″ over stock height. And like many people who add larger tires,  he quickly realized the 32″ Super Swampers were going to be bigger than expected. Time to start cutting and welding.

Mud covered lifted Subaru Outback - CRANKSHAFT CULTURE

Once the car could accommodate the fairly enormous rolling stock (at least for an Outback), the the only thing left was to test it off the pavement. The closest legal place to go was an off-road park an hour away. And once he got there, he was pleasantly surprised.

“We took the car out there, and I was surprised at how well it performed. One of the times I accidentally drove into a mud hole that was quite deep, and I thought it was going to get stuck but it made it out on its own. I got to experience a completely different level of fun,” said Saul.

Lifted Subaru in rearview mirror - CRANKSHAFT CULTURE

Believe it or not, Saul actually daily drives this beast of a Subaru, mostly because he’s doing some work on his bagged Outback. And, naturally, he says he gets some interesting reactions from people driving other four-wheel drives, especially Jeeps.

“On the road it drives completely normal,” says Saul, “I can do 65 to 70 without much effort.” Admittedly, he says the wheel/tire combination, which weighs about 90 lbs., has taken a toll on fuel economy. The car used to get 20mpg and 350 miles per tank. Now it’s getting about 9 mpg and 150 miles per tank. Note that his Outback is using stock gearing and the stock four-speed automatic transmission. He mentioned the fact that overseas Outbacks are available with a dual-range transfer case, and he’d love to install one of those at some point along with limited-slip differentials.

“It’s great not having to worry about potholes and speed bumps,” he says. Speed bumps? He probably doesn’t have to worry about much of anything stopping this bruiser. While it’s super fun, he notes that he still hasn’t decided which wagon he enjoys driving the most.

And despite its appearance, it’s mostly wheels, tires, and a lift that make this a standout Subaru. Other plans include getting is a winch, full-size spare, roof basket, maybe an awning, and eventually a drive train upgrade.

Saul Sanchez Lifted Outback rear - CRANKSHAFT CULTURESo does he have any advice for others?

“If you build something, do it for yourself—never to impress or satisfy everyone else. When you’re happy with what you’ve built, people’s negative opinions will never matter.”

We couldn’t agree more.

You can keep up with Saul and his Subaru adventure on Instagram at @subygl.

Saul Sanchez’s 2006 Subaru Outback Limited

  • Stock 2.5-liter Subaru boxer engine (EJ25) and four-speed automatic transmission
  • 32x 11.5×15 Super Swamper tires
  • 6″ ADF lift (11″ total lift with tires)
  • 15″ Rock Crawler steel wheels
  • Whiteline Adjustable Rear Control Arms
  • Legacy GT steering wheel


  1. I’ve always loved waiting to see what Saul comes up with next and how to take his vehicles to the next level of awesome. Saul and his brother have always been top subaru owners and modifiers in my opinion for many years. Saul you’re and I sinspiration to me and one day I will be able to park my legacy spec b next to your wagon at a show. So keep up the amazing work and deadication.

    1. Thanks, i appreciate it. I plan to take my wagon to shows in different states so hopefully we can make that happen.

  2. Hello. Great job on your car. I have a 2014 outback and have done a 2″ ADF lift (love it), as well as, armor underneath. I was wondering what kind of front bumper you’re using… I notice your approach angles look much better than what I’m dealing with now. And, if I might ask, what kind of winch set up are you going to use?


    Radway in Montana

    1. Thank you, i need to get underarmor as well. The bumper is the oem outback one. I just trimed a little for the tire to be able to turn.
      As far as the winch, i still havent made up my mind. I know a 9,500lb winch will enough, but also want to get a 12,000lb winch, just to be over kill like the tires and lift. Im just worried about the alternator even though i plan to add an extra battery. Ill probably get one of the more popular brands, since i want something reliable.

      1. I have an ’08 that desperately needs a lift! I’m thinking dual range trans and turbo would be the ticket. Not to be rude, but can I ask how much that custom six inch kit costs?

    2. Hey radway, where are you located in Montana? I have a lifted forester and i’m in the Bozeman area. It seems that lifted subiez are somewhat rare in Montana and it would be nice to be able to meet with another lifted subie owner.

      1. Hey there Miles!I live in Libby and drive a 86 GL wagon that i lifted 5 inches and did a EJ swap from a Legacy.hauls butt and does great off road!

        1. Is there a way I can contact you i.e. Facebook, instagram, email. I would like to meet up sometime and possibly go wheeling.

  3. Saul,
    I absolutely love this lift. I’ve been dying to find something like it. Would love to reach out and know more about the build, welding, angles, lift kit codt etc….it is something I want to do to mine. Already got my under armour plates and an Intake. Awesome ride man.

  4. I’d like to know how much that 6′ inch lift was I wanna do the same just need an idea on what it cost also ADF is an awesome company with really quality parts, in my opinion, was a good idea that Saul went with ADF for this.

  5. hello Saul Sanchez.
    i have been admiring your wagon ,i have a 2007 outback , and wanted to do the same lift as you have, can you possibly tell me what all is needed or if you have a link up soi can check it out, i wanted to know all the mods you did to suspension as well as drive train to make up the difference in gear ratio , or did you change anything to compensate for tire size ? , i appreciate all you can offer, thanks again for all your help, i am also here in Texas, Dallas

  6. Hey, Saul, nice work! I’ve got 2 subie wagons in your model, a 2005 and a 2007. I’m starting an offroad lift on one and a cruiser tighten-up on the other. It all started here, your page got me dreaming on day ?

    Nice mud-on-the-freeway pic, too: real beast, subtle tag.

  7. How well does the cv shaft angles work with the much lift? I have lift a few just 2 inches and had cv shaft vibration on acceleration.

  8. Manual trans, or Stick shifts have low range , but auto trans doesnt, At least that’s in Australia . When they first came out here. no-one wanted to buy Auto.

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