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Nextbase 622GW recording

The Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam provides high-quality, crisp recordings and can give you added security when on the road.

We recently received a Nextbase 622GW dash cam for review. At a tune of $399.99, it certainly isn’t the cheapest one on the market but it offers several bells and whistles in exchange for its hefty price tag.

Nextbase 622GW front

What’s in the Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam Box?

The Nextbase 622GW comes ready to plug and play. Its contents include a Click&Go PRO GPS mount or an alternative suction cup mount and a spare 3M adhesive pad should you move your mount to another car. Also included is a USB cable to connect your unit to your computer and a massively long DC power cable (four meters or over 13 feet) to power it up. Note: The supplied DC power cord includes a removable Ferrite core. Lastly, the 622GW includes a power cable fitting tool to tuck cables out of sight if hardwiring your unit.

Nextbase recommends using at least a 32GB U3 microSD card. A 64GB U3 or 128GB U3 card is even better for top results. The bigger the card size, the more recording time the card has before it loops back onto its previous recording. For instance, the 128GB U3 microSD card will record 400 minutes at 4K quality.

Nextbase 622GW specs
These are the Nextbase 622GW’s specifications. Photo credit: Nextbase

Nextbase 622GW Specs

Measuring 2.09 x 3.66 x 1.77 inches (most of its depth is due to the protruding lens), the Nextbase 622GW dash cam weighs 2.82 ounces. This pint-size powerhouse boasts a three-inch LED HD IPS touchscreen that showcases a rich 4k image quality that records at @30 fps. Also available are 1440 @60fps or 1080p @120fps resolutions.

The Nextbase 622GW dash cam has a 140-degree viewing angle that is captured by a six-layer flat fl.3 lens. This dash cam includes a built-in polarizing filter and 5.0 Bluetooth opportunity. It also boasts dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz Quicklink Wi-Fi to send footage straight to your phone via a MyNextbase Connect app.

Our tester arrived secured in a box, however, it didn’t have a carrying case for those who’d like to use it for multiple cars like we do. However, a small bag or case, like our Pelican R40 personal utility ruck case works perfectly for this. Simply remove the center tray from it and store the dash cam contents safely inside. This includes the unit itself, a lengthy DC power cord (which spans the entire length of our van and then some), a USB cord, and Nextbase paperwork.

A Nextbase rear window camera and hardwire kit were also supplied, however, they’re sold separately and are stored outside our R40 carrying case.

Nextbase rear window camera
This is the Nextbase rear window camera. Photo credit: Nextbase

Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam Niceties

The Nextbase 622GW dash cam comes packed with useful features and benefits. This specific model is armed with niceties like enhanced night vision, digital image stabilization, and offers super slow motion at 1080p @120fps. Additionally, it’s Alexa enabled. Simply ask Alexa to play music or call your family. You can even get directions, check on the weather, or find the best place to park near your destination.

Tip: You can either record or ignore in-cockpit noises while running the 622GW. It’s as simple as turning that function on or off.

Nextbase 622GW on windscreen

This dash cam can connect to your smartphone, so you can download footage to view, edit, or share via their MyNextbase Connect app. This is dependant on how quick your connection is for how long you want to wait for it to download.

Not only does the 622GW have the above features, it includes an inbuilt Intelligent Parking Mode. The dash cam will record a bump, push, or any other movement on your car automatically when it’s unattended. There is a setting to turn this off if desired.

Nextbase 622GW menu screen

The 622GW has other critical items. For instance, an Extreme Weather Mode feature will deliver the clearest image it can while in fog or poor weather conditions. It also boasts an emergency SOS system (free for the first year and then either $4.99/month, $49.99/year, or $99.99 for three years. The SOS feature is available via the MyNextbase Connect mobile app in select countries, including Canada and the United States).

What is what3words?

Nextbase stated the 622GW model is the world’s first dash cam with what3words. What is what3words you may ask? This feature can pinpoint your car to as little as a 10-foot-square area. The location can then be shared with SOS, family, or even roadside assistance, no matter if you have service or are without a data connection.

This program’s developers divided the entire world into 57 trillion squares, each measuring 10 feet by 10 feet. Each square has a unique, randomly assigned three-word address for each said location.

Nextbase 622GW video snip 1
Screen capture from 4K video.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, otherwise known as BBC, the company started in 2013 and now employs more than 100 people at its base in Royal Oak, west London. “Mongolia has adopted what3words for its postal service, while Lonely Planet’s guide for the country gives three-word addresses for its points of interest,” they stated. “Mercedes-Benz has also included its system in its cars and what3words is now being used in 35 languages.”

The Nextbase 622GW’s SOS and what3words features give customers a good bit of security knowing those systems are in place should vehicular travels go awry.

Nextbase 622GW recording vert

Our Thoughts

While the Nextbase 622GW isn’t the smallest unit on the market. However, it packs a powerful punch with its features and crisp image quality. This dash cam is fairly easy to install (via the provided adhesive pad for a fixed location or with a suction cup mount for a temporary one.) This dash cam can also be installed via a hardwire kit. Although we haven’t used this during our review period as we tested this unit in multiple vehicles.

Test fitting the camera in various locations is important. You want to make sure your view isn’t blocked and you can adequately see its screen. The cord is large and includes a “cylindrical mystery attachment” near the top where it plugs into the dash cam. Neither of us was familiar with what it was. However, hardwiring the 622GW would do away with said mystery impediment and free-hanging cord.

Nextbase 622GFW screen
Photo credit: Nextbase

Tip: There are two places to plug the cord into the unit. The most noticeable one is the top of the dash cam itself. However, there is a hidden allowance via the suction cup mount itself.

The dash cam offers clear, crisp images when tested at 4K quality. Its image stabilization feature reduces the vibration and quiets the shakiness when traversing over gravel roads. The 622GW’s 4K video shows rich colors and detailed information—perfect when capturing specific footage.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam front
Photo credit: Nextbase

Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam: The G-Sensor

The Nextbase 622GW has a built-in g-sensor. It’s an accelerometer that registers values on any amount of force that is applied to a car with any impact. This feature automatically protects the footage and moved it into a separate folder for safekeeping. This means “protected files” can’t be recorded over or be accidentally deleted.

When activated, the g-sensor will display a red padlock on the screen. This comes in handy when an accident or other major thrust of motion has been detected. You’ll have proof of the incident.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam side
Photo credit: Nextbase

However, the g-sensor sensitivity may be set at a very high level when first used. The sound it makes when it’s engaged is similar to Super Mario when he picks up gold coins. If left on this hyper-sensitive mode, small potholes, uneven roads, and off-camber driveways could set it off. It’s a bit annoying when traveling on off-tarmac trails.

Consequently, the g-sensor setting can be adjusted or even turned off, depending on specific road environments.   

Nextbase 622GW on gravel road

Summing Up the Nextbase 622GW

The Nextbase 622GW dash cam has all the bells and whistles. It should be considered if you’re looking for a robust system. It has safety features like the g-sensor, SOS emergency system, and the what3words location classifications. This camera keeps you safe and accounted for should the unexpected happen.

The Nextbase 622GW dash cam produces lush and crisp video, but folks can turn down its resolution if desired. It also has extra features like Extreme Weather Mode, slow motion, and image stabilization. Add to that built-in Alexa and you’ll be singing your way to your destination while capturing it all on video.

UPDATE: After this article was published, Nextbase reached out to us and stated that the “car power cable should always be connected to the dash cam mount’s USB port. We do not recommend connecting the power cable to the USB port that is on the dash cam itself.”

Photos by Mercedes Lilienthal unless otherwise noted. This product was sent to us at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


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