We’re Ready For the 2022 Alcan 5000 Summer Rally!

We are one step closer to being ready for the 2022 Alcan 5000 Summer Rally! Our 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness has its rally livery on, we’ve got our modifications installed, and we’re nearly ready to hit the road.

This quick vid talks a bit about what we’re doing and showcases the Outback Wilderness. It’s mostly stock since, frankly, this is pretty much the optimal kind of vehicle to take on either the Alcan 5000 summer or rally. But if you were wondering, here’s how this Subaru Outback Wilderness, provided to us by Subaru of America, compares to one on the lot.

Auxiliary Lighting

A Rally Innovations light bar and four Lightforce Venom LED driving lights will serve as auxiliary lighting on our Subaru Outback Wilderness.
Four Lightforce Venom LED driving lights on a Rally Innovations Light Bar.

For starters, we installed a Rally Innovations Rally Light Bar up front. The sole purpose of this is to house auxiliary lights. In 2020, we ran our Mitsubishi Pajero in the winter Alcan event, and we had Lightforce Genesis LED driving lights. We’re again partnering with Lightforce and running four Venom LED lights with amber covers. These will be great for low-level visibility, especially if it’s dusty.

Roof Basket

Maxtrax Minis, a Front Runner Wolf Pack Pro box, and a five-gallon gas can adorn our Outback Wilderness' roof.
Maxtrax Minis, a Front Runner Wolf Pack Pro box, and a five-gallon gas can adorn the factory-optional Thule roof setup.

Subaru equipped our Outback Wilderness with the factory-optional Thule crossbars and roof basket. To this, we’ve installed a set of Maxtrax Mini recovery boards. These are shorter versions of the popular recovery devices designed for lighter vehicles such as crossovers or even UTVs. We’re testing out an Adventure Imports Maxtrax Mini prototype mounting plate, too. We’ve also got a Front Runner Wolf Pack Pro box that we’ll be able to stow extra gear in. Finally, we’re going to carry five gallons of extra gas just in case. Even if we don’t need it, another competitor might.

Out Back of the Outback

Factor 55 HitchLink 2.0 in orange with a WARN Epic Shackle for vehicle recovery.
A Factor 55 HitchLink 2.0 (and their locking hitch pin) and WARN Epic Shackle make for a good recovery point.

On the Outback’s back, we’re got the factory-optional tow hitch and a Factor 55 HitchLink 2.0 recovery point in matching orange. If we were to put the Subie in a ditch or needed to help someone out of one, the HitchLink gives us a good place to pull the car from. We’ll also have a host of recovery gear including a WARN Medium-Duty Epic Recovery Kit and a Factor 55 Extreme Duty Kinetic Energy Rope.

By the way, we’ll be running not one but two full-size spares just in case. We’ll also bring our handy ARB Speedy Seal tire repair kit and air compressor just in case.

Interior Motives

Scosche suction cup mounts on sunroof.
Two Scosche TerraClamp suction cup mounts will hold some of our rally-related comms.

The Outback will be a comfortable rally ride with its supportive seats, big touch-screen, and a great stereo. Oh, it’s got a mighty versatile interior, too. Lots of tie-down points, storage, and outlets to keep our communications charged up.

We’re using a variety of Scosche mounts for our Rugged Radios and phones, one of which will have the Richta Rally app on it. We’ll also be bringing our Garmin GPSMAP 66i for tracking purposes.

Ledlenser headlamp.
Ledlenser headlamps will help light our way when not driving on the 2022 Alcan 5000 Summer Rally.

Another nice thing: Ledlenser has supplied us with a number of bright, powerful headlamps and LED lanterns for use when it gets dark or if we need to get under the vehicle for something. Frankly, if I could have a headlamp implanted in my skull I probably would.

We’re just under the two-week mark, and we’re getting really excited! Also remember to follow along on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Oh, here’s one more video!

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