Conquering the 2020 Alcan 5000 Winter Rally

Andy and Mercedes finish the Alcan 5000 Rally

It’s been just over three months since we returned from the 2020 Alcan 5000 Winter Rally in March. We came back to a totally different world than we left thanks to COVID-19. But during our time on the Alcan 5000, we had left the real world behind and focused on the incredible journey.

The video below is the last installment of our video series with Pickup Truck + SUV Talk which showcases us and the Pajero in action. Enjoy.

The Alcan 5000 was one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had in a vehicle, specifically our 1991 Mitsubishi Pajero (aka the Terra Tractor), which we ran in the Historic Class. Extreme temperatures, challenging driving conditions, amazing camaraderie, and competition all added to the overall experience. We loved it so much, we already signed up for the 2022 summer Alcan 5000 Rally.

Returning to a Different World

So much has changed since we came back. We returned to a nation diving head-first into a global pandemic: the coronavirus. Had the rally been scheduled just a couple weeks later, it’s likely it wouldn’t have even happened due to COVID-19. After getting back, I went into work; a return to my daily routine, but that only lasted one week. I believe it’s been 13 weeks now that I’ve been working from home. Add to the nationwide unrest due to the death of George Floyd, and it feels like the Alcan 5000—a wild 6,000+ mile adventure in -40 temperatures—was the last normalcy we had.

Big thanks to Tim Esterdahl of Pickup Truck + SUV Talk for posting these videos on his channel.

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